The Exploitation workshop on MOSES Robotic Container Handling System is almost here !

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Mark your calendars for a groundbreaking event in the world of container handling. The Exploitation workshop on MOSES Robotic Container Handling System will take place virtually on November 15th, 2023, from 10:00 to 12:00 CET, via the Zoom platform.

MOSES, a three-year H2020 initiative, is dedicated to revolutionising the European container supply chain, particularly the Short Sea Shipping (SSS) segment. It addresses the vulnerabilities and challenges tied to the operation of large containerships, employing a two-pronged approach. The project seeks to reduce the total time required for TEN-T Hub Ports to berth containerships and to promote SSS feeder services in smaller ports, which often lack the necessary infrastructure.

Throughout its course, MOSES has harnessed innovation and put theories to the test in real-life conditions. This second demonstration is nothing short of impressive, showcasing the ability of a spreader to autonomously lock onto a container on the quayside. This remarkable feat allows for container transfer to the vessel without the need for an on-site crane operator. The demonstration also verified the system’s response when an individual enters the safety zone. Impressively, remote coordination via the shore control center ensures safe and prompt resumption of operations following any automatic shut-downs.

The exploitation workshop is geared toward unveiling the outcomes of this pivotal pilot demonstration. It also offers a platform for stakeholders to share their insights and perspectives. This collective wisdom will be instrumental in crafting a roadmap for MOSES’s post-project exploitation. By gathering a wealth of expertise and feedback, MOSES aims to contribute as a driving force for innovation in the container handling domain.

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