Scientific publications are significant channels for presenting HS4U’s outcomes to academic, research, and industrials target audiences. Thus, creating knowledge impact and enabling other researchers and stakeholders to use the project’s results in their own work contributes to disseminating the project further. The publication of relevant scientific outputs is one of HS4U’s main targets and one of the key channels of dissemination.

Scientific publications are foreseen, in particular for the development of an evidence-based passenger behavioural model based on live experiments with passengers and crews, such as the publications of chapters in the “BLUE BOOK” by Springer Nature.

In this regard, HS4U consortium partners completed a chapter entitled “Scenarios for sensors and actuators deployment to prevent and mitigate epidemics on cruise ships to be published soon in the “BLUE BOOK” by Springer Nature. The chapter reports on the progress made by HS4U in defining a set of sensor and actuator solutions to be used on cruise ships to prevent and mitigate outbreaks. It presents high-level requirements of the solutions, including business and integration constraints while addressing a state of the art of sensors and actuators for outbreak management in and outside the naval context. Doing this allowed to describe several feasible scenarios for the deployment of sensors and actuators aboard a cruise ship.

More news will follow soon !