Last week, on 11 May 2023, our project coordinator Mr. Konstantinos Voutzoulidis presented the HS4U project at the ECMAR (European Council for Maritime Applied R&D) Technology Day and Brokerage event in Brussels. A full day event reuniting experts from across Europe to discuss the latest EU maritime related projects.

Mr. Konstantinos Voutzoulidis (ABS Hellenic SM LLC) had the honor to attend this event as an ECMAR member to present and discuss the overall objectives, scope, and goals of the HS4U project with fellow experts from the field. Moreover, HS4U’s project coordinator provided exclusive features and content on the project’s developments towards a healthier future in shipping.

We are extremely grateful to ECMAR (European Council for Maritime Applied R&D) for organising this special event and inviting us to participate to present the HS4U project. Looking forward to attend next year’s session !