On Saturday 17th 2022, LEDRA’s Head, Dr. Stamatina Th. Rassia visited CELESTYAL CRYSTAL in Piraeus . She was warmly welcomed by the ship’s Hotel Manager and then taken to the Bridge to meet the captain and crewmembers. The aim of the visit was to gain an initial understanding of how the cruise ship’s HVAC systems operate, but also how different triggers and risk operations relate to the design of the decks.

Dr. Rassia was taken on a tour of the 9 decks of the ship, with the Hotel Manager explaining the various functions of each. AC specialists then briefly demonstrated how the HVAC systems operate in the cabins and other interconnected areas. The Captain also discussed the ventilation, dumper and compartmentalization systems of the ship, and it was advised that if any additions or optimizations were needed, the HS4U team should contact the technical support company of the ship.

The key objectives of the visit were to gather useful information from the ship management on the operation of the ship, as well as to gain a better understanding of the connection between the design of the cabins and relevant information supporting the delivery of WP5 tasks (including robot-cabin design).

A special thanks for the hospitality and the information provided by the CELESTYAL CRYSTAL cruise-ship staff during the visit !