We are thrilled to announce a new synergy was established between SMARTSHIP and HS4U.

In our constant search of relevant EU related projects and initiatives, SMARTSHIP has been identified as a high-impact initiative in the sector of the shipping industry.

SMARTHSIP is 4-year long project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. The project aims to offer a multi-layer optimization in the fields of fuel consumption, energy efficiency and emissions control management, in full respect to the implementation of the requirements of maritime regulations and applications of circular economy concepts in the sector. SMARTSHIP’s main objective consists of knowledge sharing between partners already involved in the maritime sector, mainly the ICT technology industry partners and academia partners.

While establishing a synergy with SMARTSHIP, a meeting occurred (12/09/2023) between SMARTSHIP and HS4U to discuss possible areas of collaboration on common aspects and actions for dissemination and exploitation. This led to mutually agree on some joint dissemination actions to be performed including mutual project’s websites references, support on social media’s respective accounts, to subscribe to each other’s respective newsletters, to present the synergy in both project’s newsletters, to inform each other on project’s milestones and to set-up of joint efforts for events presence.

The newly established synergy with SMARTHSIP is a true asset for the HS4U project that will maximise its visibility and leverage its impact.