To maximise the visibility of the HS4U project and to leverage its impact, Healthy Sailing has been indentified as a high-impact initiative active in the fields of the shipping industry and health funded under the same call.

HEALTHY SAILING is a 3 year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON). The project aims to improve the quality of passenger shipping services, facilitate recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and make passenger shipping safer, more resilient, competitive and efficient. More specificially, the project supports substantially reducing the spread of communicable disease on board passenger ships through improved health and hygiene operations, while also addressing strategic goals for the overall safety and resilience of transport, climate neutrality and European leadership in key industries.

In the process of establishing a synergy with Healthy Sailing, two meetings (29/05/2023 and 10/07/2023) have occurred between HS & HS4U to discuss on possible areas of collaboration on common aspects and actions for dissemination and exploitation. This resulted in the creation of a common joint working group on Communication and Dissemination between the two Aspects (HS and HS4U) to collaborate and facilitate the dissemination and exploitation of both projects; in addition, a common technical joint group was also created for discussions on two specific tools that each project is envisaged to create, respectively the IIS for HS and the CDF for HS4U. Furthermore, Healthy Sailing agreed to contact the Horizon Result Booster service team to inform them about HS4U’s interest in their service and the willingness of both projects to participate in Module B together.

The synergy with Healthy Sailing is a real added value for HS4U as it will maximise the project’s visibility while the collaboration will leverage the impact of the project. Ultimately, this will lead to an exchange of knowledge and good practices beneficial to both projects.