The HS4U project
Approach – 4Unique pillars


  • Realization of use cases in a dedicated demonstrator environment.

  • The creation of a Collaborative Digital Framework (CDF) for live interaction of humans and Internet of Things edge services based on co-robotics concepts and Artificial Intelligence mechanisms and models.

  • Complete solutions for the training of ship’s crew based on multi-player gaming, embedding realistic role-playing and context.

  • The development of an evidence-based passenger behavioural model based on live experiments with passengers and crew that will allow the analysis and the visualisation of passengers’ movements.

  • The development of a Viral Detection Sensor (VDS) with unique characteristics that will include the online indication of pathogenic airborne spreads in indoor environments and on the air conditioner outlets.

  • The development of a real-life demonstrator (robot cabin) which will effectively display the interoperability of evidence-based technologies and models developed by the HS4U team to prevent, detect, mitigate and manage virus outbreaks and spreads at an early stage.