On 29 June 2023, WP5 (Experimentation Pilot implementation) leader Ledra Group organised a brainstorm session on the Robot Cabin and Virtual Demo Space pilot cases. All consortium partners were present to discuss both the planning for data collection (Task 5.1) and the update and roadmap to follow (Task 5.2).

Partners exchanged on the practicalities of evidence-based data collection and recordings on ships interior leading to the pilot cases. The pilot demo space to be designed and implemented will include components such as sensors, actuators and other components.

Moreover, updates and a roadmap were discussed by partners on HS4U solutions prototyping built in a physical space on one of the celestial cruise ships. As highlighted several times, the intent of the robot cabin is to demonstrate the 4 Unique pillars interconnection and interoperable functions but also to share the Collective Digital Framework results for all to see.

A special thanks to our moderator Matina Rassia for this insightful meeting !